About Brisbane Scopes

Brisbane Scopes is part of the practice of Dr Andrew Renaut, based in the Brisbane city centre. It was founded in 2005, in response to a demand for specialist investigation and management of bowel related complaints and for their ongoing treatment.

The service offers many unique features designed to facilitate the process for both patients and GPs. In particular the open access facility allows procedures to be booked without a prior consultation, if this is deemed appropriate by the GP. We also offer the one stop rectal bleeding clinic specifically designed for patients presenting with rectal bleeding, allowing them to have a consultation, investigation and treatment in one visit.

Dr Renaut is a general and colorectal surgeon and is therefore able to provide ongoing treatment for any conditions that are revealed at investigation.

About Dr Andrew Renaut

Dr Andrew Renaut is an extremely well qualified and experienced Specialist General and Colorectal Surgeon. He did his undergraduate training at St Thomas’ Hospital, University of London. His postgraduate training in colorectal and general surgery was undertaken in and around London, and included a fellowship at the Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney. Andrew also has a Master of Surgery degree from the University of London.

For information about Dr Andrew Renaut , or other procedures available, visit the Brisbane Surgeon Website .