Bowel Cancer Screening Brisbane

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data released in 2017, bowel cancer is now the sixth leading cause of death – claiming 5,462 lives in 2016.

If you are thinking about undergoing bowel cancer screening, Brisbane Scopes provides screening colonoscopies for those at risk of bowel cancer, as well as colorectal surgery from one of Brisbane’s most experienced bowel surgeons.

Screening for bowel cancer, otherwise known as colorectal cancer, is intended to identify polyps and to remove these before they have a chance to turn into bowel cancer. Polyps are benign growths that arise on the bowel wall and are relatively common. The majority however will not become cancerous. If they are removed in a timely fashion through colonoscopy, then the potential risk of the cancer is reduced substantially.

Bowel cancer screening and colorectal surgery

There are certain individuals who are at increased risk of developing polyps and therefore bowel cancer. We know that both polyps and cancers arise because of certain gene defects. Some of these defects can be inherited (passed on to the next generation). People with a strong family history are therefore advised to undergo a screening colonoscopy as recommended by the National Bowel Cancer Screening guidelines. If you would prefer to have a discussion about your own individual risk of developing bowel cancer then please feel free to make an appointment with our experienced bowel specialist, Dr Andrew Renaut in our Brisbane clinic. If a colonoscopy reveals anything other than polyps and this may entail colorectal surgery, then Dr Renaut can also provide this service.

When it comes to colorectal cancer, early detection is vital. Brisbane Scopes provides a no-gap service for patients with private health insurance. For peace of mind and the potential to capture bowel cancer early it’s essential you organise an appointment soon


There are specific reasons for performing a gastrocopy and this is a service that Dr Renaut also provides.

If you would like to arrange a colonoscopy or gastroscopy procedure with Dr Renaut, contact our friendly receptionists today on (07) 3831 9322.