Fees and Billing

No Gap with scope procedures for patients with Private Health Insurance

Brisbane Scopes is a “No Gap” facility in most cases. This means that there will be no out-of pocket expenses, depending on your health fund – you can contact our rooms to check if your health fund will fall into this “No Gap” scheme.

The exception to this is if, after an initial consultation with Dr Renaut, it has been decided to perform another procedure at the same time as either the colonoscopy or gastroscopy. This is because that procedure will attract a gap payment (in accordance with Dr Renaut’s usual billing process) and health funds do not permit a combination of “gap” and “no-gap” procedures when performed under the same anaesthetic.

Ongoing care

Following your colonoscopy, gastroscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy, Dr Renaut will advise you if further management is required.  As a colorectal surgeon he is eminently well placed to continue looking after you if this is your wish – but you are under no obligation.  The alternative would be to return to your GP and for him or her to refer you to a specialist of your choice.  However, if you choose to stay under the care of Dr Renaut, any subsequent care will be billed in accordance with his normal billing process.  The details regarding this can be found on his practice website – visit Brisane Surgeon website.